About Angry F1


Motor Racing used to be better , just listen to John Watson commentating on F1 in the 1990’s , he repeatedly pointed out that today’s F1 lacked what had went before .

That was 20 years ago !!!! Mind you , you heard the same thing in the 70’s , 80’s , 90’s , 2000’s , you get the picture ?

Whatever ………… I love racing and often want to blow a gasket over the detachment from reality that a lot of motor racing people have , I need  to rant when an incident occurs , or even yell bollocks when a commentator gets it wrong (It’s pronounced Formula one …. NOT FORMLA ONE) !!!!

So whether it’s Touring Cars , F1 , Indycar , NA$CAR , Sportscars , I’ll watch it and I promise I WILL  rant about it ……. (usually becoming elitist about the fact I worked in Motorsport!!)

Feel free to comment . laugh along or admonish my opinions , just remember that I’m right …………. even when I’m wrong !!



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